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Ice Cream Paradise was constructed and launched in 1984, in a location that was previously a drive in diner. Starting with an empty lot, the owner also purchased the adjacent lot for a playground, knowing the benefits of keeping parents and kids happy while enjoying the delicious ice cream. The lot has changed over the years due to highway and road expansions, building demolishing, and local businesses changing, but our morals have remained constant as well as our quality. 


We began with the idea that it's best to provide the highest quality ice cream possible, we've kept our milkfat percentage the same since the opening years despite the fluctuations in the milk market. Business grew over the next few years and we've since changed the uniforms and signs on and around the building.


In 2003 a fire was caused by a steamer table short circuting and caused the facelift which made the front of the building what it is today. Since then we have also revamped the way we fill and deliver shakes and flurries along with improvements in the ergonomics of the building allowing for quicker and more accurate service.


We hope to continue serving Lebanon to the best of our abilities and look forward to providing a fun and tasty place to stop in for years to come.

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